Breast Massage Is A Critical Issue

Breast massage is a delicate subject matter. I am only aware of a few clinics that offer this service today. I think most Massage Therapists agree that this would be a viable service to offer due to cancer threat and the importance of lymph gland drainage that is so relevant with the breast area.

I attended a massage therapy school that taught from a holistic and Eastern philosophy point of view. My instructor made it a point to teach breast massage and to offer this service to as many as possible in the sole effort of helping a female keep her breasts healthy and to be able to detect lumps and concern areas that might be of possible threat.

While my instructor attended school with her training, she said she felt "cheated" because much of the massage she had received did not include massage of the tummy, breasts, hands, feet and knees - so in her school, this was a primary area of focus, to massage the entire body.

A Male Massage Therapist Concern

I was one of a few males in this class and although very shy in learning this modality, I did so with respect and integrity as I worked with each of the many females in the class. I learned a great deal about the health of the breast and view this part of the female much different than before I took this class. I also believe this helped prepare me with working with woman as clients, proper draping, and most of all strengthening my so called bed side manner as a therapist.

Out of respect for my instructor that I learned so much from, I think it is only right that I include this variation of how to give a Breast Massage in hopes it will encourage other male therapists to offer this serviceā€¦.

Since this is a delicate subject I think it is best to include a disclaimer on your intake form that releases you, as a therapist, from any damages that may arise from giving this service. Protect your client - protect yourself.

Breast Massage Technique

The female may experience slight discomfort while receiving this massage. It is important that your client let you know if pressure and touch is too intense or not enough. Massage lotion or oil should be used and the nipple should be avoided due to arousal.

1) Apply lotion or oil in a circular motion around the breast and working toward the underarm. Do one breast at a time and use slow strokes. Ask about the pressure at this point to be sure your client is comfortable.

2) Start with a kneading motion and continue in a circular pattern lifting and pressing the breast gently. Work the entire breast.

3) It is important to work the fibers of the breast with the fingertips. Pay attention to any lumps, bumps, cysts, or areas that appear to be painful to the client. These areas should be discussed so your client can be aware of your findings.

4) Perform strokes clockwise for several times and then counterclockwise several times. Work the tissue all the way out about 2 inches away from the breast and into the underarms. This will provide for good lymph drainage.

5) After these moves have been completed, smooth the breasts out just like you would with general effleurage strokes on any other part of the body.

6) Repeat on other breast. This will aid in giving relief to scarring tissue your client may have in this area. Stop the treatment immediately if this is too painful for the client. Urge your client to seek medical attention for any issues of concern that might include lumps and painful areas on the breast.

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